Natural Spring Paddle Board Tour

Natural Spring River Tour

The spring is so beautiful and relaxing you will never want to leave. Each day, more than 117 million gallons of clear, fresh 74-degree water bubbles up out of subterranean caverns. The current runs an easy but steady five miles an hour. The River winds its way 12 miles to the Gulf of Mexico. The river offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Florida. The five mile trip will take your breath away. The tropical vegetation will make you think and feel like you are floating down a exotic pacific island river. Come experience old Florida nature with one of our  experience  guides. See crystal clear waters floating on top of white sands  up close and personal. This trip is design for all ages and experiences. This tour will not disappoint!

  • 335 2nd Ave. N.E. St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    $85 per person.   
  • Price includes all rentals, Guide, transportation and all other fees.
  • A unforgettable experience of the most beautiful version of old Florida. Float down a natural spring river which is crystal clear with an easy downstream current which makes for the most wonderful lazy river. Jump in or stay on your paddle board.
    4 to 5 hours on the river.
    Be prepared for an entire day of fun! 8am pick up time to 4PM drop off (approximately)       
  • Bring your swim suit, hat, water shoes or flip flops 
  • must be at least 11 years old and should weigh under 285 pounds
  • Pack a lunch (no glass or alcohol) and a change of clothes. A cooler will be provided for the guest’s lunches. The experience tour guide will make several stops along the way for swimming, lunch and wild life observation. This crystal clear blue lagoon will definitely recharge your batteries as you looks for manatees, turtles, river otters and other fish and bird wildlife.
Natural Spring River Tour