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Bike Tour at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

A precious oasis in the midst of Florida’s most densely populated county. Discover all this beauty while being guided by knowledgeable and experienced tour guides on mountain bikes down 5 miles of trails and boardwalks. Or you can choose to explore this beautiful preserve on your own. Enjoy 245 acres of preserved habitat along Lake Maggiore shoreline. There is an aviary with live birds of prey ranging from the Bald Eagle, Red Tailed Hawk, Red Shoulder Hawk and many different owls. You will also see gators, tortoises, osprey, cormorants and anhingas. There are 212 species of birds and 59 species of butterflies you may encounter during your visit. You will also see 5 ecosystems: Swamp Woodlands, Willow Marsh, Pine Flatwoods, Sand Scrub Trail and Lake Maggiore Island. We offer complimentary pick up and drop off from hotels in the area. We also have a meeting location for pick up and drop off if you are driving in from out of town.

  • 475 2nd Ave. N.E. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 
  • $40 a person which includes: your tour guide (if desired), transportation, rental and admission into the preserve. 
  • Total time is around 3 hours 
  • Tuesday- Sunday 9 am until 3 pm. 
  • Call 727-642-5133 to book your appointment!