Kayak Mangrove Tours 

 Mangrove Kayak Tour

Design for all types of Kayakers. This is a 2 hour tour set in the northern Weedon Island area; a local area that offers beautiful mangroves and fresh waterways. Come explore one of Florida's lush and vast Eco systems with our experienced tour guide. From native plants and animals this kayak trip has it all. On any given day one may see anything from exotic birds to dolphins and/or manatees. Visit a Manatee hang out and breeding spot. Learn about the Native American Culture that once inhabited the area. Traverse through hidden mangrove tunnels to see first hand ancient burial mounds dating back to 200 to 1000 AD. Learn the basic skills of kayaking while exploring the scenic waterways of the region. This trip is an easy and informative way to discover why kayaking is a must do during your visit to St Petersburg 
 *The Mangrove Kayak Tour times are based upon
   high tide 
 *$50 per person-not recommended for children 
   under 7. Children under 11 must be in 
   double kayak with an able body Adult.
 *2 hour guided kayak tour through mangroves
 *choose from a single or double kayak
 *Tour includes: Guide, Kayak, Paddle, 
    Life Vest, bottle water and transportation
   *2 Hour Tour: $50 per person (allow approx. 3 hours)

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